Upgrading your SMT stencil roll

By Pär Gester

Replacing cellulose - polyester -rayon

The most common material used in SMT stencil cleaning rolls is cellulose & polyester mix fabrics. If you are using this inferior type of material, a transition to Hyperclean polypropylene-based fabric will make a huge difference.

Cheap rolls, mainly from Asia and some "high end" brands, such as Sontara and clones, use this family of fabrics.

Decrease solvent dosage up to 50%

Start with 40% reduction and adjust up or down until no excess solvent is dripping from the fabric and the entire stencil is wetted without dry areas.

Make more prints between cleaning cycles

You should normally be able to make more prints between cleaning cycles. For example, increase from 5 prints to 7 prints. There are many factors involved, so don't hesitate to contact SMT Express for assistance.

Replacing Hyproclean

Hyproclean from Swiftmode is a polypropylene-based fabric, just like Hyperclean. It's a bit "cloudy" with areas with sparse fibres. Wicking is not as good as Hyperclean. In most cases, you can replace Hyproclean with Hyperclean without any adjustments.

Some customers complained that Hyproclean can't carry enough solvent to wet the stencil. If this is the case, you should know that it's possible to increase solvent dosage a bit with Hyperclean.

Replacing ASM UFP ECO

This is an OEM version of Swiftmodes' Hyproclean. Hyperclean is a direct replacement but without the "cloudiness".