Hyperclean stencil cleaning

Performance by engineering

Hyperclean® PX3800 SMT stencil wiper textile designed and manufactured by us, gives you a unique combination of zero lint, ESD safe and high-performance cleaning. Designed for SMT stencil cleaning from fibre and up!

  • Zero lint design. No paper, cellulose or rayon
  • ESD safe - dissipative fabric
  • Excellent stencil cleaning 
  • Low solvent use or use dry
  • Recyclable 100% polypropylene
  • Superfast wicking and solvent distribution


The simple answer is NO.  Hyperclean PX3800 is a unique, proprietary fabric. There is nothing standard in Hyperclean PX3800 and you can't find it from anywhere else than SMT Express. Hyperclean is designed and manufactured by SMT Express using engineering skills and with deep knowledge about the SMT printing process.

Technical data